Best Goal Setting Book out there! – THE FREEDOM JOURNAL

Hi Guys,

John Lee Dumas – Founder and host of EOFire podcast ( those of you who do not know who he is click here) just launched an unreal book on goal setting in 100 days- The Freedom Journal.  With all the experience he has gathered interviewing over thousands of successful entrepreneurs he is literally willing to hold your hand and help you hit your goals in 100 days. Its really promising !

The biggest factor that sets apart high achievers from others is that those individuals are able to hit the goals they set and hit them on time. This book is not overly complicated just follows the old golden S.M.A.R.T technique of goal setting executed beautifully  with amazing execution of exercises like 10 days sprints and quarterly reviews.

I just ordered my copy! For those who want to try out what they are in for feel free to check out the 30 day pdf of the book here

But since its a workbook you definitely want to buy the copy and it comes with an amazing leather cover 🙂

Unless you can print the whole book from your employers printer ( PLEASE DONT DO THAT )

Hope this helps


Sahil C


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